Our Mission

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Our Mission

The Great Lakes Academy mission is to prepare all of our students with the fundamental academic skills, critical thinking ability, and strength of character to excel in high school, college, and a career of their choice. We empower all of our students with the education today that they will need to change the world tomorrow.

Our Vision

At Great Lakes Academy, every decision we make is based upon how to best support our students as they grow and prepare to compete with their peers in college preparatory high schools and four-year colleges, ambitiously pursue career opportunities, and positively impact their communities. We work every minute, every day to provide the best education possible for our students because we believe that education empowers people to take control of their own destinies and to change the world.

From Vision to Success

We accomplish our vision by focusing on the Great Lakes Academy anchors. At Great Lakes Academy Charter School, we develop students who excel in three core areas:

  1. Fundamental Academics

  2. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

  3. Strength of Character

Read more about our Anchors for Success.

Our Commitment

Great Lakes Academy is a proud member of the Diverse Charter School Coalition, a group dedicated to creating excellent, inclusive, and equitable schools for all children. Check out more about the Coalition at www.diversecharters.org!

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