Enrichment and Athletics

Enrichment and Athletics

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Trimester 3 Programs


K-2, Homework Club- Homework Help is a program that will help minimize homework sent home and teach foundational skills to excel in the classroom. Instructor: Ms. Gayles/Ms. Blumberg

1st-3rd, Poetic Asylum- A program for creatives looking to share with others while honing their skills and building confidence. Focus will include poetry, music and acting. Instructor: Ms. Davis

2nd-5th, Precision Penmanship- In Precision Penmanship your student will learn to be able to write clearly and legibly, as well as the proper spacing between words. The purpose is to give the student pride in how their assignments look when asking for assistance during class or homework help. It helps the teacher being able to understand the students handwriting, but also you as the parent. Instructor: Ms. Watson

4th-8th Offshootz Teaching Kitchen- Our program was created to teach school-aged students how to plant, grow, harvest then teach how to cook fresh meals. Our overall goals are to encourage children and their parents to begin to add more culturally rich, nutritious recipes to their cooking routine. The program will also address cost saving measures by showing parents how to shop and make several meals from a set shopping list to reduce waste, canning, freezing, with other tidbits. At the end of the series, we hope to show measurable health outcomes from increased attention in class, increased impulse control, camaraderie, and weight control with healthcare professionals from the University of Chicago Medicine. Instructor: External OffShootz Employee

4th-8th, Homework Club- Homework Help is a program that will help minimize homework sent home and teach foundational skills to excel in the classroom. Instructor: Ms. Vicky


K-2, Pick Up a Book & Play- Pick up a book & Play is an immersive reading program for your K-2 reader designed to spark and maintain your child's interest in reading. In this workshop style setting, your scholar will be introduced to a book and its characters through a read aloud and then encouraged to explore the book's concepts through play including art, science and other multi-sensory projects. Beware- things might get a little messy! Instructor: Ms. Pittman

3rd-5th, Girls on the Run-Girls on the Run inspires girls of all abilities to recognize their individual strengths, while building a sense of connection in a team setting. Volunteer coaches facilitate lessons that blend physical activity with life skill development to enable girls to adapt to whatever comes their way. There is a final culminating run at the end of the trimester. Instructor: Ms. Haddie

3rd-5th, Homework Club-Homework Help is a program that will help minimize homework sent home and teach foundational skills to excel in the classroom. Instructor: Ms. Belt

4th-8th Illuminating Steppers of GLA-A step team for students that can be a rewarding and enriching experience. A step team is a unique form of percussive dance that involves rhythmic stomping, clapping, and spoken word. To establish a step team for students that encourages self-expression, as well as providing an outlet, and instills structure and discipline. Instructor: Ms. Tee

4th-8th, 8401 Beacon Studio- Are you a middle student scholar who enjoy taking pictures? Join Beacon Studio 8401 where you can learn the basics introduction of photography. Have the experience of working as photographer within GLA, as well as creating your own artistic portfolio! The goal of BEACON STUDIO 84O1 will be working towards an opportunity of creating GLA's first yearbook project for the eight grade class and being part of Art Show, displaying your favorite pictures of year. Instructor: Ms. Grandison

6th-8th, How We Livin'- This is a consumer mathematics course that teaches students about credit scores, credit/debit cards, home/auto loans, computing interest, career/salary research. This will culminate with a short PowerPoint (4 or more slides) project that will include pictures of their car of choice, home of choice & career of choice. Their choice of career must exceed both car & home loan. I will provide small work packets that show students how to compute interest & provide a reference sheet with various relevant vocabulary terms. Instructor: Mr. Dunn


5th-8th PTDYA- Professional Theater and Dance Youth Academy provides an after-school program serving the listed grades with classes in musical theater and dance, as well as audio engineering and technical production, with a culminating performance showcasing the students' artistic development. This program runs Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and will end on Friday, April 26th, prior to T3 ending. Instructor: External PTDYA Employee

T3 After-School and Athletics

Afterschool - March 4-May 30

PTDYA After-School- March 4-April 26

Athletics - February 26 - May 9

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GLA Enrichment Programming

At Great Lakes Academy, we strive to always provide our scholars with the best holistic educational experience possible. As we grow and expand each year, GLA is constantly looking for, and forward to, new opportunities to offer our scholars and their families.

As Great Lakes Academy looks forward to building a robust, sustainable enrichment program for our scholars, outside support and funding crucial. Some program costs can run the gambit of almost $8,000 for 12 weeks. We never want a child to miss out on an enriching opportunity at GLA because of finances.

We ask our most dedicated GLA supports and donors to consider donating to our enrichment programming with support GLA student programming. Our scholars deserve the best and with your support, we can make that possible.

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