What Is the Enrollment Process at Great Lakes Academy Charter School?

What Is the Enrollment Process at Great Lakes Academy Charter School?

At Great Lakes Academy Charter School, we strive to make the enrollment process as smooth and straightforward as possible for prospective students and their families. Here is an overview of the enrollment process at our school. Enroll today!

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Research and Information Gathering

Before starting the enrollment process, we encourage families to thoroughly research and learn more about Great Lakes Academy Charter School. This includes reviewing our website, attending information sessions, and reaching out to our admissions office with any questions.

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Application Submission

To begin the enrollment process, families need to complete and submit an application form. This can typically be done online through our school's website or in person at our admissions office. The application form collects important information about the student, such as their personal details, academic background, and previous school experience.

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Application Review

Once an application is received, our admissions team carefully reviews it to ensure all necessary information is provided and eligibility requirements are met. This includes confirming that the student is within the appropriate grade range and resides within the authorized school district.

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Enrollment Selection

Enrollment in our charter school is by lottery. This is the process whereby your child's name will be entered into the system and a computer program will randomly choose names for enrollment. If your child's name has been selected when we run the lottery, you will be notified

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Acceptance and Enrollment Offer

Once the lottery has been performed, eligible students will be offered an enrollment spot at Great Lakes Academy Charter School. You will have a certain amount of time to accept or decide a spot in our Southeast Chicago charter school.

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Enrollment Confirmation

Once an enrollment offer is accepted, families are required to complete the necessary enrollment paperwork, which typically includes providing proof of residency, immunization records, and other relevant documentation. This paperwork is essential for officially registering the student within our school system.

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Orientation and Transition

Before the student begins their journey at Great Lakes Academy Charter School in Southeast Chicago, we often conduct orientation programs to help them and their families become familiar with our campus, resources, and community. These orientation sessions may include introductions to teachers, tours of the school, and an opportunity to connect with other students and families.


At Great Lakes Academy Charter School, we are committed to providing an inclusive and supportive educational environment for all our students. Our enrollment process is designed to ensure fairness and transparency while welcoming students and families into our school community. We hope this blog has answered many of your questions. If not, please reach out to us, and we will be more than happy to answer them! Contact us today!

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