Our Anchors for Success Explained

Our Anchors for Success Explained

At Great Lakes Academy Charter School in Southeast Chicago, our Anchors for Success serve as the foundation for our students' academic and personal growth. These anchors are designed to provide a holistic approach to education that goes beyond traditional classroom learning. They encompass the essential qualities and values that we believe are crucial for our students to succeed not only academically but also in their future endeavors. Get started today.

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Strength of Character Drives Life-Long Success

One anchor for success that defines our approach is our emphasis on character development. We prioritize cultivating qualities such as integrity, compassion, empathy, and respect in our students. We believe that these traits are essential for building healthy relationships, making positive contributions to society, and becoming responsible citizens.

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Great Teachers

Great teachers play a critical role in shaping students' educational journey and setting the foundation for college success. At Great Lakes Academy Charter School, we understand that college readiness begins in kindergarten, and that is why we prioritize hiring and retaining exceptional educators who are passionate about making a difference in their students' lives.

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College Success Begins in Kindergarten

College success is often seen as a goal that is achieved during the later years of a student's educational journey. However, at Great Lakes Academy Charter School, we firmly believe that the foundation for college success begins in kindergarten. This early focus on college readiness sets the stage for academic achievement, personal growth, and future success.

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Community Involvement

Lastly, community engagement is a significant anchor at our school. We believe that education does not occur in isolation but is strongly influenced by the community around us. By actively involving parents, guardians, and the local community in our educational initiatives, we create a collaborative environment that nurtures our students' growth and success.


At Great Lakes Academy, our Anchors for Success guide our educational practices and help students develop the essential skills and traits for lifelong success. To be a part of our amazing Southeast Chicago charter school, learn more about enrollment today.

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