How To Get Children Excited About Math

How To Get Children Excited About Math

Getting children excited about math can be a challenging task, but with the right approach, it is possible to make math engaging and fun for kids. At Great Lakes Academy Charter School in Southeast Chicago, we have discovered some effective strategies to spark children's interest in math. Here are a few tips on how to get children excited about math. Learn about enrollment in our charter school today!

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Make Math Relevant

Connect math concepts to real-life situations and problems that children can relate to. For example, use grocery shopping to teach them about money and fractions or use baking recipes to introduce them to measurement and ratios.

kids playing math games

Engage With Math Games

Incorporate math games and puzzles into the learning process. Games like "Math Bingo" or "Math Baseball" make learning math enjoyable and interactive. These games not only reinforce math skills but also foster healthy competition among students.

mom and daughter working on math

Encourage Problem-Solving

Encourage children to think critically and solve math problems on their own. Present them with challenging math puzzles and encourage them to find creative solutions. Reward their efforts and celebrate their achievements to boost their confidence and enthusiasm.

boy counting blocks

Hands-On Learning

Provide opportunities for hands-on learning experiences. Use manipulatives like counting blocks, fraction bars, or pattern blocks to help children visualize math concepts. Incorporate real-world objects and situations to illustrate mathematical principles.


Remember, the goal is to create an environment where children feel motivated and excited to learn math. By implementing these strategies at Great Lakes Academy Charter School, we have seen our students develop a love for math and excel in the subject. Here at our charter school in Southeast Chicago, we prioritize holistic learning with our anchors for success and offer a top-rated curriculum to prepare your child for life. To learn about enrollment, contact us today.

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