Are Charter Schools Public Schools?

Are Charter Schools Public Schools?

At The Great Lakes Academy in Southeast Chicago, we understand the importance of clear distinctions in the educational landscape. One common question that arises is, "Are charter schools public schools?" This query often sparks debate and confusion due to the unique governing structure of charter schools. Let's take a look at this topic to provide clarity on the relationship between charter schools and the public education system. Enroll your child today.

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Charter Schools Explained

Charter schools are indeed public schools, but with a twist. While they receive public funding like traditional public schools, charter schools operate independently and have more autonomy in policies, curriculum development, and educational approaches. This independence allows charter schools to innovate, experiment, and tailor their programs to meet the specific needs of their students and communities.

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Our Innovative Curriculum

At The Great Lakes Academy, a charter school in Southeast Chicago, we embrace this flexibility to design a curriculum that aligns with our educational philosophy and the diverse learning styles of our students.

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Governing Structure

One key distinction between charter schools and traditional public schools lies in their governance structure. Charter schools are granted a charter (or contract) by an authorizing entity, such as a school district, university, or non-profit organization, to operate with specific goals, measures of success, and accountability standards. This charter is overseen and renewed periodically, ensuring that charter schools are held accountable for student performance and adherence to their stated mission.

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Our Student Commitment

As a charter school in Southeast Chicago, we take pride in our unique status as a public school that embodies innovation, personalized learning, and community engagement. We are committed to providing a high-quality education that prepares our students for success while maintaining transparency, accountability, and collaboration within the public education system.


By bridging the gap between traditional public schools and innovative approaches, The Great Lakes Academy exemplifies the harmonious integration of charter schools within the broader public education landscape. Learn more about our charter school in Southeast Chicago, and enroll your child today.

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